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Etta Kelly is the owner, photographer and master of the art of A B’ETTA IMAGE.  “I truly am passionate about photography and now, with the development of A B’ETTA IMAGE.  I have so much art to share.  This is where I grow.says Kelly.

AB’ETTA IMAGE, a subsidiary of A Woman’s Touch Studio, is best known for its distinctive style of photography. Created from images captured by Kelly during more than 30 years of experience as a photographer and owner of A Woman’s Touch Studio, A B’ETTA IMAGE’scollection allows you to experience those moments of capture.  The captivating works of art created by Kelly takes your imagination to that place and time of capture, providing an exhilarating encounter unlike any other.  The genres of the collection are diverse and unique.

“Etta’s images and application of photography is poetic”, says David Johnson, Octogenarian Photographer Extraordinaire.  “She has such remarkable creative energy which she develops into an artistic expression.”

Even her still images have character of movement that is imaginative and original.  Kelly’s sensitivity for the culture and people, for nature and for the world is evident in the insightful, dynamic images that brilliantly convey itself in the art presented by Kelly and A B’ETTA IMAGE. 

Stimulating energy. Creative. Cultured. Rousing and unique are a few of the descriptions of Kelly’s works of art.

Once you have viewed a fine art photographic image of AB’ETTA IMAGE, you too will be convinced of the uniqueness that this collection offers—a compilation from which you can enhance and enrich your homes and businesses with thrilling legacies of art.  Enjoy the ride…


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