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Photographic Art
…listen with your eyes 

A B’ETTA IMAGE presents to you a diverse and unique collection of artistic photographic images.  This collection emerged from more that 30 years of photographing everything and everyone, from Jazz Legend, Grover Washington to dance artisans; from seascapes created in different parts of the world to balloons rising in the Albuquerque desert. 

Expect to see… dramatic entertainers, electrifying dance, stirring seascapes, breathtaking travel scenes… …countless and varied works of art.

Ardent creating, designing and developing keeps this collection ever new and exciting.    

Stimulating energy. Creative. Cultured. Rousing and unique are a few of the descriptions of Kelly’s works of art.

Once you have viewed a fine art photographic image of AB’ETTA IMAGE, you too will be convinced of the uniqueness that this collection offers—a compilation from which you can enhance and enrich your homes and businesses with thrilling legacies of art.  Enjoy the ride…


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